Here are a few customer 'accounts' of their experience with Reef Quest Divers. We would like to thank you all for the memories and for taking the time to submit these testimonials to us. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Reef Quest Crew.



 Discover Scuba Diving Participants (July 2008)

My husband and I spent recently spent a few weeks exploring the Yucatan Peninsula.  I'd promised my husband for ages that I'd try Scuba Diving and though I'd managed to dodge it for a few trips...I knew this time I'd have to 'bite the bullet'.  I was curious but really nervous!  We ran into Steve and (Captain) Morgan one afternoon while hanging out at 'The Blue Parrot' (Steve's Company is located on the premises).  The guys provided us with lots of infomation and practical advice in a non-pressured and professional manner. 
They put me so much at ease that my husband and I signed up for the Scuba Discovery Course for beginners.  The course involved a class lesson, a rigorous skills lesson (in ten feet of sea water) and a dive lasting approximately 40 minutes.  During the class lesson, Steve was extemely thorough while patiently answering every single question my anxious imagination could come up with (there were many).  While submerged under ten feet of water during the skills lesson, Steve was very firm in ensuring that we were able to pass each and every activity we were required to know in order to proceed with  the dive itself.  Without exception!
It was, however, during the actual dive that Steve's experience and professionalism really mattered in my case.  While my husband was content to explore (while still under Steve's constant watch), I was excited but very, very nervous.  Steve (poor man) literally held my hand the entire time!!!  He was never more than an arms length away-while constantly monitoring us both. 
Once safely back on the boat, I watched a nearby competitors outfit/company returning to the surface-also after finishing a dive.  As I waited for Steve and his crew help take my husbands gear off, I counted eight beginner divers and only two dive masters.  Two women (one of which was crying) looked really upset and panicky.  This really drove home just how important it is to choose an outfit, where the ratio of professional to novice, is taken into consideration.  Steve's company does just that.  I rarely write reviews/testimonials, but my experience with Steve's group was so positive, professional and well-thought out, that I really feel they deserve recognition.  I can't wait to go on another dive next year, it really opens up a whole other world!!! 
The Travers'
N.J United States



 Advanced Open Water Diver (August 2008)

 Hi Steve,
I have now returned to the UK rested and all the better for having met you, Morgan and your crew at RQD. Looking back at my eight dives with you guys, I only now fully begin to appreciate just how professional and yet simple you made the whole diving experience for me. I would highly recommend your services to any one thinking of diving in Playa Del Carmen, and take great pride in being able to say I have dived with you both. Your experience in the water is without question and quickly self evident, but the care you take of your customers on land, and the preparation prior to the dive in understanding them as people, is the real difference that makes all the difference!! My wife was also very impressed with you as individual and she is a great judge of character, how she ended up with me I will never know!
I would dearly love to dive with RQD again, until then take care.

Martin from Essex (UK.)

 PADI Open Water Diver Course Participants (July 2008)

After a few days since returning back to normal life in Monterrey,as I look back at the process that both Eric and I went through together, I would like to thank you, on behalf of my family,  for your guidance, patience, caring, firmness, and confidence-development,  and for your tutelage and support as we advanced in our training for open-water diver certification,  as a son and mom joint venture.
As director of a school I recognize a good teacher and a good system when I see them.  And Steve you're tops!  You dealt very successfully with two divergent generations: a teenager and an over-50 mom, meeting very different needs.Your reassuring words towards me, and your firmness with my son, ably led both of us through different channels to, slowly but surely, achieve the requirements for certification at the same time...a triumph that we all celebrated!

The PADI System is a great teaching/learning system too!  It allows you to understand the theory and put into practice the skills required, for different levels of diving certification desired.

With the support of Morgan, the service extends beyond what is expected.  His always upbeat personality immediately captivated all of us, including my husband Alfredo, who stayed at the beach while cheering us on, making us all feel at ease and helping us along the way, as we embarked on the adventure of achieving certification.
Many, many thanks...we learned much more than just diving...which in itself was a feat!   We grew as persons as we played out a new-life experience, learning about ourselves, our minds, spirits and bodies, as we began to interact with, appreciate and enjoy, life in the ocean underneath.

Knowing that Playa del Carmen is only one flight away, that it has access to the 2nd largest coral reefs in the world, and that Steve and Morgan are there to guide us, definitely are important draws for us to come back and continue our learning experiences now, as certified divers, in Playa sometime in the future.

Thank you both for very memorable life-moments.

Best wishes,

Beth, Alfredo and Eric Huergo, Moterrey Mexico



Discover Scuba Diving Participant (March 2008)


After having had a bad experience while attempting to learn scuba diving two years ago I was a bit hesitant to try it again.  Lucky for me I met Steve my very first night in Playa Del Carmen and we struck up a conversation.  I told him about my previous "freak out" and he talked me into giving it another go with him as my instructor.  I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing experience it was.  Right from the start Steve made me feel 100% comfortable and at ease with everything he was teaching me,  he has a very calming effect and makes you feel very safe and secure.  Steve is a wonderful instructor, he is very thorough, very patient and makes sure you are ok every step of the way.  I would never hesitate to go diving with Steve again if the opportunity ever arose, he is the best.
Krista from Kamloops, British Columbia  Canada



 Discover Scuba Diving Participant: (January 2008)
Steve! The man who took me to the other world!
I always thought that scuba diving must be a great experience. And when I was in Mexico I thought it was time to give it a try...
Discover Scuba Divin at Reef Quest Divers Mexico gave me the possibility to learn and go for your first dive on the same day.
I have to say that it went different than I thought that it would be, because the moment that I'd put my head under water for the first time I panicked! Steve calmed me down and waited untill I was ready to try again. After a few times it worked and I can only say that this was because Steve was really professional and patient.
After the try-out we went for our first dive and after that for the second! WOW! This was one of the best things that I've ever done in my life......
After my experience at Reef Quest Divers Mexico I'm hooked on scuba diving! I am sure that lots of dives will follow!
And if I will ever be in Mexico again, I am sure that I will visit Reef Quest Divers!
Lucas Bruggemann
The Hague, The Netherlands 


 Advanced Open Water Divers  (December 2007)

We have been really lucky to meet Steve at Reef Quest Divers. We had been shopping for a few days and couldn't find someone we truly trust and we believe finding the right shop to dive with is important. Trust is key in diving. As experienced divers, we were asking a lot of questions and Steve was the only one answering them with candor.

We booked a 3 days dive package with RQD and were pleased with each dive master we were booked with and with the level of care they had toward us. We felt we dove with real pros who  not only cared about your money but also for the conservation of the reef and the underwater life.

We will never forget that great experience and we have recommended Reef Quest Divers to friends already. We couldn't have had a better experience. Thanks to you Steve and your crew.

Anne & Marie-Hélène Bizier
Montréal, Québec, Canada.


 From a Scuba Steve Student who loves him: (August 2007)

As one who embraces the ocean and all it has to offer, I am a chicken shit scuba diver. However, Scuba Steve and all of his crew including Cappy and Scuba Nate and even Scuba Lou did all they could to accommodate me. I love the ocean and love fish and love the idea of being one with it all. Apparently though, with the scuba tank, the weight belt, the fins, and the sheer terror of sinking, I had my very first panic attack. Scuba Steve had taken every single measure, and then some, to prep us in scuba safety. Let me tell you that I was only on my skills part of the test. Scuba Steve, whom I trust with my life, tried all he could to sooth my freakish nerves. He was so very patient and calm and his eyes were so soothing. At 6 feet under water, when I felt like the world was caving in and I was for sure dying, I looked at Scuba Steve's face and mask, and he was so calming that my heart was able to beat normal for one second. When I realized in my heart of hearts that I was not cut out for scuba diving, Scuba Steve was so understanding. He floated me right to the top and gracefully helped me to the boat. Though I didn't succeed with scuba on my first try, I have decided that I want to try again and there is no one else I would ever trust to take me down.

Scuba Danielle.   Austin, Texas.


 Discover Scuba Diver Participant: (August 2007)

There isn't a better diving experience than the one Reef Quest Divers will offer. Stephen goes to great lengths to ensure the safety and happiness of his clients. From the first introduction to returning to shore you will truly feel cared about and are guaranteed to enjoy diving more than you ever have...

Jessica Chambliss.  Austin, Texas.


 Discover Scuba Diver Participant: (August 2007)

All I came to Mexico to do was bask in the sun and maybe go drinking on a catamaran.....however, with fate or whatever you want to call it, our group met Steve :)

Somehow we got to talking about scuba-diving...The girls in my group really wanted to do it; however with my fear of open water and sharks (by the way, Playa doesn't have any) I opted that I would stay on the boat and drink while my friends went diving.
Somehow, Steve wasn't going to take that answer from me...So gently and slowly he taught me what I needed to know and showed me the skills I needed to do to be able to go. I was scared, better word would be terrified, but there was just something about Steve that made me calm. As we got into the 8 feet of water, and then slowly went down I remained calm and passed all my skills. Steve is by far the reason I got the see what I did that day. He was calm yet confident and KNEW that I could do the dive safely. I felt in my heart that he had only my best interests at heart...SO needless to say, the girl that wasn't going anywhere near scuba-diving or open ocean did it!
 It was the most peaceful experience of my life thus far. The quiet waves,the beautiful fish and the great company made my experience unforgettable. IF I get in the water again to go diving, it won't be with anyone but SCUBA STEVE! He is an amazing teacher, but better yet a great, compassionate, genuine individual. His experience is unmatched and his love for the water and sport are evident. Thank you REEF QUEST for the most peaceful and unforgettable vacation!
Thanks again!
Lauren Taylor. Austin, Texas







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