Here are a few photos for your enjoyment and to give you an idea of  the undersea world if you are not yet a diver. These photos are from various different places in the world not just from Scuba Diving In Playa Del Carmen. 

Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico



Every ones favorite (thanks to the film) Nemo !! Otherwise known as 'Clown Fish' This photo was taken on the house reef off Lisunung Island in Papau New Guinea.The largest Clown fish is always female. Note the various Anemones. Anemones sting but the clown fish are totally unaffected.



Nemo ! Clown Fish Papau New Guinea



Clown Fish & Anenome










Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico



    The awesome Manta Ray !! It was such an amazing

    experience swimming with these majestic creatures.

   This Manta had a wing span of 4m yet these animals

   eat nothing but microscopic algae. Photo taken in

   Thailand although we do get Mantas off the coast of

   Mexico too







Awesome Manta Ray in Thailand

Green Turtle Photo taken here scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen









Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico










Amazing Turtles !!! Above Green sea Turtle. Picture taken right

here at Tortuga's dive site. And to the left a rare sighting of

a Loggerhead Turtle again picture taken right here in Playa Del

Carmen at Jardines dive site.



Coral The Bahamas

Just a pretty picture of Small Star Coral

      Picture taken in The Bahamas.( Right)

  Below a big beautiful Staghorn coral

  on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico.




   Below, Black Tip Shark photo taken off the island of

   Nassau, The Bahamas.

Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico 





French Angel Fish, Diving Playa Del Carmen





(Left) A French Angel Fish going about its business

on the reef of Barracuda right here in Playa Del Carmen. 










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