Adventure of a lifetime swimming with the Gentle Giants of the Sea!

Includes swimming with whale sharks and snorkeling opportunities with dolphins, turtles, rays, and a
variety of
tropical fish

Seasonal Availability from May through September

 Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico

A Typical Day Swimming with Whale Sharks

  • Depart Reef Quest Divers at 6:30am
  • Briefing upon arrival at Punta Sam - complimentary refreshments and snacks available
  • Spend the morning swimming with whale sharks with the opportunity for manta rays and dolphins
  • Complimentary lunch and refreshments provided
  • Change sites for snorkel opportunies on a pristine reef with turtles, sting rays, eels, and a variety of tropical fish species
  • Arrive at port and return to Reef Quest Divers around 4:00pm

    Cost: $145 (transport included)

Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico

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About Whale Sharks

  •  Whale sharks are the largest known fish in the sea.  The largest measured was 12.2 meters (40 feet).
  • Although large, whale sharks pose no theat to humans; divers and snorkelers can swim with them without risk.
  • The species originated over 60 million years ago.
  • Whale sharks are docile creatues who feed primarily on plankton.
  • They are considered 'filter feeders' and have a mouth that can reach a width of 1.5 meters.
  • Whale sharks have a gray body with a white belly.  The skin of a whale shark is marked with a 'checkerboard' of pale yellow spots and stripes, which are unique to each individual whale shark.

Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Truly an experience you will never forget!